About the awards

For more than 16 years, Trib Total Media readers have voted for their favorite local restaurants, car dealerships, insurance agencies, stores, salons and other professional businesses.  The winners of that much-anticipated vote are showcased right here at ReadersChoice.triblive.com.

The Trib chooses to recognize winners in individual communities (community winners), as well as winners in the larger geographical regions of Pittsburgh and its countryside (regional winners).

So how does it work? While the nearly 100 business categories are chosen by Trib Total Media, our readers are the ones who vote for the winners in each category.  Trib Total Media acknowledges that some winners might not exactly fit the category description, but we choose to report the results as expressed by our readers.

To our readers, these businesses are the best of the best as voted on by you.  To the owners, we congratulate and thank you!  Your businesses enrich our lives every day.

For questions about Trib Total Media’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards, contact us at readerschoice@tribweb.com.

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