Business Directory

A Better Choice, Inc. Westmoreland - (Waterproofing)
A Comfort North - (Heating/AC)
A Finished Appearance VND/Alle-Kiski - (Day Spa)
A Grand Affair Catering VND/Alle-Kiski - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)
A Peace of Eden Salon & Spa South Hills - (Day Spa)
A To Z Plumbing & Heating VND/Alle-Kiski - (Plumber)
A&A Carpet Cleaning Inc. VND/Alle-Kiski - (Carpet Cleaning)
A&N Lawn Service, Inc. North - (Landscaper)
A&S Carpet Collection Route 8 - (Carpet/Flooring)
A&S Indoor Pistol Range Westmoreland - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
A&T Sewickley/West - (Nail Salon)
A-1 Computer Fix Services, LLC City/Northside - (Computer Sales/Service)
A-Advantage Gun Shop Route 8 - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
A.Aardvark Estate Liquidation Route 30 - (Antique Shop)
A.E. Beattie Career Center North - (Trade/Technical School)
A.W. Beattie Career Center Route 8 - (Trade/Technical School)
A2Z Pest Control Southwest - (Pest Control)
AAA VND/Alle-Kiski - (Travel Agency)
AAA Southwest - (Travel Agency)
AAA Sewickley/West - (Travel Agency)
AAA Route 8 - (Travel Agency)
AAA North - (Travel Agency)
AAA Route 30 - (Travel Agency)
AAA North - (Travel Agency)
AAA East - (Travel Agency)
AAA City/Northside - (Travel Agency)
ABC Glass Route 8 - (Windows)
ABC Transit VND/Alle-Kiski - (Limo Service)
Abie & Bimbos Westmoreland - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Aborel Tree Service Route 8 - (Landscaper)
Above All Salon North - (Nail Salon)
Above All Salon North - (Day Spa)
Above All Salon North - (Beauty Salon)
Abramson Photography South Hills - (Photographer)
Abruzzi Westmoreland - (Restaurant - Italian)
Abruzzi Westmoreland - (Restaurant - Family)
Absolute Primary Care North - (Family Doctor)
Absolute Steam Carpet Care North - (Carpet Cleaning)
AC-Cel Window & Siding VND/Alle-Kiski - (Windows)
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant & Bar Westmoreland - (Restaurant - Mexican)
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant & Bar Route 30 - (Restaurant - Mexican)
Accessible Home Health Care of North Allegheny North - (Home Health Care)
AccuQuest Hearing Centers Westmoreland - (Hearing Aids)
AccuQuest Hearing Centers South Hills - (Hearing Aids)
Accuquest Hearing Centers East - (Hearing Aids)
AccuQuest Hearing Centers City/Northside - (Hearing Aids)
Accuracy First Southwest - (Hearing Aids)
Accuracy First Route 30 - (Hearing Aids)
AccuServe Pharmacy Westmoreland - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Acoustic Music Works City/Northside - (Music/Instruments Store)
Action Tire Sewickley/West - (Tire Store)
Adesso Café Sewickley/West - (New Business)
Adesso Café Sewickley/West - (Coffee)
Adolfo’s City/Northside - (Restaurant - Italian)
Adrian’s Pizza Route 8 - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Adrian’s Pizza Route 8 - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Adrienne Young, MD Sewickley/West - (Family Doctor)
Advanced Basement Solutions Westmoreland - (Waterproofing)
Advanced Basement Solutions Route 8 - (Waterproofing)
Advanced Basement Solutions Westmoreland - (Family Owned Business)
Advanced Hearing Center Westmoreland - (Hearing Aids)
Advanced Vision Care Southwest - (Eyecare/Laser)
Advantage Chiropractic Centers Sewickley/West - (Chiropractor)
Adzema Pharmacy North - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Adzema Pharmacy City/Northside - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center Route 8 - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Aestique Plastic Surgery & Medispa Westmoreland - (Massage Therapy)
Aestique Plastic Surgery & Medispa South Hills - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Aestique Plastic Surgery & Medispa East - (Cosmetic Surgery)
Aestique Plastic Surgery & Medispa City/Northside - (Cosmetic Surgery)
Agona Center of Wellness Route 30 - (Massage Therapy)
Agona Center of Wellness Route 30 - (Chiropractor)
Agostini Jewelers Route 30 - (Jewelery Store)
Agostini Jewelers Route 30 - (Cash for Gold)
Aiello’s Pizza City/Northside - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Aiello’s Pizzeria Westmoreland - (Take Out)
Aiello’s Pizzeria Westmoreland - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Aikido of Pittsburgh Route 8 - (Martial Arts)
Aikido of Pittsburgh City/Northside - (Martial Arts)
AK Nahas Appliance & TV Center Sewickley/West - (Furniture Store)
AK Nahas Appliance & TV Center North - (Furniture Store)
AK Nahas Appliance & TV Center Sewickley/West - (Appliance Store (Independent))
AK Nahaus Sewickley/West - (Family Owned Business)
AK’s Gold Shop Sewickley/West - (Cash for Gold)
Alan Farber South Hills - (Attorney)
Alan I. Farber Attorney at Law South Hills - (Attorney)
Albert Feczko Southwest - (Attorney)
Albert Flasko, DDS Sewickley/West - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
Albert Nalli, DPM Sewickley/West - (Family Doctor)
Albert Sultzer, DDS Southwest - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
Alberts Heating & Air Conditioning Sewickley/West - (Heating/AC)
Alec Cirigliano, DC VND/Alle-Kiski - (Chiropractor)
Alex’s East End Floral Shoppe City/Northside - (Floral Shop)
Alexanders Italian Bistro City/Northside - (Happy Hour)
Alfred Angelo Bridal East - (Bridal Shop/Formal Wear)
Alfred Angelo Bridal City/Northside - (Bridal Shop/Formal Wear)
Ali Baba City/Northside - (Ethnic Food - Other)
Alicia Photography North - (Photographer)
Alihan’s City/Northside - (Family Owned Business)
Alioto’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Route 8 - (Restaurant - Italian)
Alioto’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Route 8 - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
All About Dance City/Northside - (Dance School/Studio)
All About Youth Route 8 - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
All State Insurance North - (Insurance Agency)
All State Insurance Sewickley/West - (Insurance Agency)
All State Insurance Southwest - (Insurance Agency)
All-State Career School South Hills - (Trade/Technical School)
Alla Famiglia City/Northside - (Restaurant - Family)
Allegent Community Federal Credit Union City/Northside - (Credit Union)
Allegheney West Sewickley/West - (Family Doctor)
Allegheny 6 Pack & Doghouse VND/Alle-Kiski - (Beer Distributor)
Allegheny Arms Southwest - (New Business)
Allegheny Arms Southwest - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Allegheny Country Club Sewickley/West - (Golf Course)
Allegheny Diamond Services Route 30 - (Jewelery Store)
Allegheny General Hospital City/Northside - (Hospital)
Allegheny General Hospital Route 8 - (Hospital)
Allegheny Health System Westmoreland - (Family Doctor)
Allegheny Heritage Antiques Route 8 - (Antique Shop)
Allegheny Millwork & Lumber City/Northside - (Windows)
Allegheny Shotokan/Norwin Ninjas Westmoreland - (Martial Arts)
Allegheny Valley Hospital VND/Alle-Kiski - (Hospital)
Allegheny Veterinary Association North - (Veterinarian)
Allegheny-Ludlum Brackenridge FCU VND/Alle-Kiski - (Credit Union)
Allison Park Travel Route 8 - (Travel Agency)
Allure Bridals City/Northside - (Womens Clothing/Boutique/Accessories)
Allure Hair Designs & Mini Spa North - (Beauty Salon)
Allure Hair Designs & Mini Spa North - (Beauty Salon)
Alpine Pools Southwest - (Pools/Spas)
Alpine Pools Route 8 - (Pools/Spas)
Alpine Pools North - (Pools/Spas)
Alpine Pools City/Northside - (Pools/Spas)
Alteration Express City/Northside - (Dry Cleaner)
Altimate Air Trampoline Park Route 30 - (Family Entertainment)
Always Bloom Route 8 - (Floral Shop)
Always Compassionate Vet Care South Hills - (Veterinarian)
Amato’s Pizza Route 8 - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Amazing Face Route 8 - (Day Spa)
Ambassador Travel Services North - (Travel Agency)
Ambridge Do It Best Sewickley/West - (Appliance Store (Independent))
Ambridge Italian Villa Sewickley/West - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Ambridge Wholesale Tire Sewickley/West - (Tire Store)
Amel’s Restaurant Southwest - (Ethnic Food - Other)
Amel’s Restaurant South Hills - (Ethnic Food - Other)
American Coin Rarities Sewickley/West - (Hobby/Toy/Craft Store)
AMF Mt Lebanon Lanes Southwest - (Bowling Alley)
AMF Noble Manor Lanes Southwest - (Bowling Alley)
Amity Square South Hills - (Tuxedo Rental)
Amy A Kopec, State Farm Insurance Southwest - (Insurance Agency)
Anchor Inn VND/Alle-Kiski - (Wings/Chicken)
Anchor Inn VND/Alle-Kiski - (Sports Bar)
Anchor Inn VND/Alle-Kiski - (Restaurant - Family)
Anchor Inn VND/Alle-Kiski - (Local Tavern)
Anchor Inn VND/Alle-Kiski - (Hamburger (Independent))
Anchor Inn VND/Alle-Kiski - (Fish Sandwich)
Andora Route 8 - (Steak)
Angel Hair Salon Southwest - (Beauty Salon)
Angelia’s Sewickley/West - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Angelia’s Sewickley/West - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Angelia’s Sewickley/West - (Family Owned Business)
Angelical Touch Therapeutic VND/Alle-Kiski - (Massage Therapy)
Angelo Associates South Hills - (Kitchen/Cabinetry)
Angelo’s Pizzeria City/Northside - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Animal Hut East - (Pet Care/Kennel/Grooming Supplies)
Anitquarium Shop Sewickley/West - (Furniture Store)
Answer Computers Southwest - (Computer Sales/Service)
Anthony Arms South Hills - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Anthony Arms Route 30 - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Anthony Arms City/Northside - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Anthony Cecchini, State Farm Insurance City/Northside - (Insurance Agency)
Anthony Jrs Sewickley/West - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Antina’s Salon Southwest - (Tanning Salon)
Antonelli Event Center Westmoreland - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)
Antoniak’s Market Westmoreland - (Family Owned Business)
ANuU Aesthetics and Electrolysis Center Route 30 - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Anytime Fitness VND/Alle-Kiski - (Workout Facility/Gym)
Anytime Fitness Westmoreland - (Workout Facility/Gym)
Anytime Fitness Route 30 - (Workout Facility/Gym)
Anytime Tan Tanning Club Westmoreland - (Tanning Salon)
Anytime Tan Tanning Club South Hills - (Tanning Salon)
Anytime Tan Tanning Club Sewickley/West - (Tanning Salon)
Anytime Tan Tanning Club North - (Tanning Salon)
Anytime Tan Tanning Club North - (Tanning Salon)
Anytime Tan Tanning Club City/Northside - (Tanning Salon)
Anywhere Travel Service East - (Travel Agency)
Apogee IT Sewickley/West - (Computer Sales/Service)
Apple Harvest Route 30 - (Deli)
Applewood Personal Care VND/Alle-Kiski - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
Applewood Personal Care VND/Alle-Kiski - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
Aprimo Pizza South Hills - (Fish Sandwich)
Aqua Blu Medical Spa North - (Cosmetic Surgery)
Aqua Jet Car Wash VND/Alle-Kiski - (Carwash)
Aqua Spray Car Wash Route 8 - (Carwash)
Aquilis Route 30 - (Computer Sales/Service)
Aquilis Computer Repair Service Route 30 - (Computer Sales/Service)
Arctic Avenue Route 30 - (Ice Cream)
Ardolino’s Pizza Southwest - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Ardolino’s Pizza Southwest - (Family Owned Business)
Arendosh Heating & Cooling City/Northside - (Heating/AC)
Arhaus City/Northside - (Furniture Store)
Armstrong’s Italian Restaurant South Hills - (Fish Sandwich)
Armstrong’s Italian Restaurant Sewickley/West - (Fish Sandwich)
Armstrong’s Restaurant South Hills - (Take Out)
Armstrong’s Restaurant South Hills - (Steak)
Armstrong’s Restaurant South Hills - (Restaurant - Italian)
Armstrong’s Restaurant South Hills - (Restaurant - Family)
Armstrong’s Restaurant South Hills - (Hamburger (Independent))
Arnold Furniture VND/Alle-Kiski - (Furniture Store)
Arnold Furniture VND/Alle-Kiski - (Carpet/Flooring)
Arnold Furniture -
Arnold Furniture VND/Alle-Kiski - (Furniture Store)
Arnold Furniture VND/Alle-Kiski - (Family Owned Business)
Around Back Café VND/Alle-Kiski - (Steak)
Around Back Café VND/Alle-Kiski - (Sports Bar)
Around Back Café VND/Alle-Kiski - (Restaurant - Family)
Around Back Café VND/Alle-Kiski - (Hamburger (Independent))
Arpad Sooky, DDS Sewickley/West - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
ARS Automotive East - (Auto Repair/Service)
Arsenal Bowling Lanes City/Northside - (Family Entertainment)
Arsenal Bowling Lanes City/Northside - (Bowling Alley)
Artifact Antique Southwest - (Antique Shop)
Artisan Plastic Surgery Westmoreland - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Artisan Plastic Surgery East - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Artisan Plastic Surgery Route 30 - (Cosmetic Surgery)
Artisan Plastic Surgery East - (Cosmetic Surgery)
Artist & Craftman Supply City/Northside - (Hobby/Toy/Craft Store)
Ashim Dayalan, MD North - (Family Doctor)
Ashley Demasi Hair Studio, Inc. Route 8 - (Beauty Salon)
Ashley Donaldson East - (Photographer)
Asian Bistro Route 8 - (Restaurant - Family)
Asian Café Route 8 - (Take Out)
Asian Café Route 8 - (Restaurant - Asian)
Asian House South Hills - (Take Out)
Asian House South Hills - (Restaurant - Asian)
Asian Influence City/Northside - (Furniture Store)
Asian Kitchen VND/Alle-Kiski - (Restaurant - Asian)
Asian Star Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Asian)
Aspen Dental North - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
Associated Hearing Aid Service Sewickley/West - (Hearing Aids)
Associates In Ophthalmology South Hills - (Eyecare/Laser)
Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy Southwest - (Pharmacy (Independent))
At Home With Ease Route 8 - (Home Health Care)
ATA Black Belt Academy Westmoreland - (Family Owned Business)
Atlantic Gold North - (Cash for Gold)
Atria Senior Living South Hills - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
Atria’s Restaurant Southwest - (Steak)
Atria’s Restaurant Route 8 - (Steak)
Atria’s Restaurant Southwest - (Restaurant - Romantic)
Atria’s Restaurant South Hills - (Restaurant - Romantic)
Auto Bathouse Car Wash East - (Carwash)
Auto Bathouse Car Wash City/Northside - (Carwash)
Auto Laundry East - (Carwash)
Auto Spa Westmoreland - (Carwash)
Automatic Heating & Air Conditioning VND/Alle-Kiski - (Heating/AC)
Avada Audiology & Hearing Care VND/Alle-Kiski - (Hearing Aids)
Avalon Exchange City/Northside - (Resale/Consignment Store)
Avalon Salon & Spa Westmoreland - (Beauty Salon)
Avanti Insurance Route 8 - (Insurance Agency)
Avanti Skin Care South Hills - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Avonworth Chiropractic City/Northside - (Chiropractor)
Awesome Hair Route 30 - (Beauty Salon)
Ayers Pharmacy Route 30 - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Azul Bar Y Cantina Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Mexican)