2018 Business Directory

L Arnold & Sons

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Plumber)

La Dee Dah

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Antique Shop)

LA Fitness

Southwest - (Workout Facility/Gym)

LA Fitness

South Hills - (Workout Facility/Gym)

LA Fitness

North - (Workout Facility/Gym)

LA Fitness

East - (Workout Facility/Gym)

LA Fitness – Greensburg

Westmoreland - (Workout Facility/Gym)

La Gourmandine Bakery

City/Northside - (Bakery)

LA Nails

South Hills - (Nail Salon)

La Pizza Bella

Route 8 - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)

La Roche College

North - (College/University)

La Tavola Italiana

City/Northside - (Pizza Shop (Independent))

La Tavola Italiana

City/Northside - (Family Owned Business)

Labriola’s Italian Market

North - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))

Laketon TV & Appliances

East - (Appliance Store (Independent))

Lakeview Animal Clinic

Westmoreland - (Veterinarian)

Lampert’s Market

Route 30 - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))

Lampert’s Market

Route 30 - (Deli)

Lapels A Fine Mens Clothier

Westmoreland - (Mens Shop)

Lara Lepley, Howard Hanna Real Estate

North - (Real Estate Agent)

Lardieri Dentistry

Sewickley/West - (Dentist / Orthodontist)

LaRoche College

South Hills - (College/University)

LaRoche College

Route 8 - (College/University)


City/Northside - (Mens Shop)

Larry Lint

Westmoreland - (Carpet/Flooring)

Larry’s Laundromutt

Sewickley/West - (Pet Care/Kennel/Grooming Supplies)

LaRue Family Dental

City/Northside - (Dentist / Orthodontist)

Las Palmas

Southwest - (Restaurant - Mexican)

Las Vegas Tanning

Sewickley/West - (Tanning Salon)

Laser Hair & Skin Center

East - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)

Laser Storm

North - (Family Entertainment)

Laurel Nursery

Westmoreland - (Garden Center/Nursery)

Lauren Klein

East - (Real Estate Agent)

Laurent Chiropractic Center

South Hills - (Chiropractor)

Laurie’s Hair Salon

Route 8 - (Beauty Salon)

Lawn N Order

North - (Landscaper)

Lawn Patrol

South Hills - (Landscaper)

Lawrence Music

Southwest - (Music/Instruments Store)

Lawrence Music

South Hills - (Music/Instruments Store)

Lawrence Stoker, MD

South Hills - (Cosmetic Surgery)

LDI Danceworks

Route 8 - (Dance School/Studio)

Le Nails

East - (Nail Salon)

Lea’s Floral Shoop, Inc.

Route 30 - (Floral Shop)

Learning Express

Southwest - (Hobby/Toy/Craft Store)

Lee’s Lanes

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Bowling Alley)

Leechburg HealthMart Pharmacy

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Pharmacy (Independent))

Leechburg Photography

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Photographer)

Legacy Day Spa

Westmoreland - (Massage Therapy)

Leggett Kitchens

North - (Kitchen/Cabinetry)


City/Northside - (Restaurant - Romantic)

Lenape Tech

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Trade/Technical School)

Lenhart’s Service Center

Westmoreland - (Auto Repair/Service)

Leo J. Henney Funeral Home

Southwest - (Funeral Home)

Leonard Jones Animal Hospital

East - (Veterinarian)

Leone’s Flowers & Gifts

City/Northside - (Floral Shop)

Levin Furniture

Southwest - (Furniture Store)

Levin Furniture

Southwest - (Furniture Store)

Levin Furniture

South Hills - (Furniture Store)

Levin Furniture

South Hills - (Furniture Store)

Levin Furniture

North - (Furniture Store)

Levin Furniture

East - (Furniture Store)

Levin Furniture

North - (Family Owned Business)

Lewis Auto Repair

South Hills - (Auto Repair/Service)

Lex & Lynne

Sewickley/West - (Womens Clothing/Boutique/Accessories)

Lex & Lynne

Sewickley/West - (Mens Shop)

Liberty Men’s Formal

Southwest - (Tuxedo Rental)

Liberty Travel

South Hills - (Travel Agency)

Liberty Travel

East - (Travel Agency)

Liberty Travel

City/Northside - (Travel Agency)

Life Force

South Hills - (Workout Facility/Gym)

LifeCare Hospitals of Pittsburgh

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Hospital)

Lincoln Pharmacy

Route 8 - (Pharmacy (Independent))

Lint Veterinary Service, Inc.

Westmoreland - (Veterinarian)

Lisa A. Rotunda, D.C.

City/Northside - (Chiropractor)

Lisa DiGorio School of Dance

South Hills - (Dance School/Studio)

Lisa Rossa, Berkshire Hathaway

South Hills - (Real Estate Agent)

Live Well Chiropractic

North - (Chiropractor)

Local Roots Landscaping

Route 30 - (Landscaper)

Loccisano’s Golden Dawn

Sewickley/West - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))

Lokay Lanes

East - (Bowling Alley)

London Styling Shoppe & Spa

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Tanning Salon)

London Styling Shoppe & Spa

VND/Alle-Kiski - (Day Spa)

Long’s Catering

Westmoreland - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)

Loose Moose Saloon

South Hills - (Sports Bar)

Loose Moose Saloon

South Hills - (Happy Hour)

Loose Moose Saloon

South Hills - (Hamburger (Independent))

Lori G’s

South Hills - (Beauty Salon)

Lotus Food

City/Northside - (Ethnic Food - Other)

Lou’s Brew

Route 30 - (Beer Distributor)

Louis Anthony Jewelers

Southwest - (Jewelery Store)

Louis Heyl, MD

North - (Family Doctor)

Lovely Nails

Route 8 - (New Business)

Lovely Nails

Route 8 - (Nail Salon)


South Hills - (Garden Center/Nursery)

Lucci’s Pizza & Pasta

Westmoreland - (Restaurant - Italian)

Lucci’s Pizza & Pasta

Westmoreland - (Restaurant - Family)

Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven

Route 30 - (Restaurant - Italian)

Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven

Route 30 - (Ethnic Food - Other)

Luke Wholey’s Alaskan Grille

City/Northside - (Restaurant - Seafood)

Luke Wholey’s Alaskan Grille

City/Northside - (Fish Sandwich)

LULA Sewickley

Sewickley/West - (Happy Hour)

Lulu’s Noodles

City/Northside - (Take Out)

Luna Boutique

Sewickley/West - (Bridal Shop/Formal Wear)

Luther & Noel

Sewickley/West - (Dentist / Orthodontist)


City/Northside - (Kitchen/Cabinetry)


Sewickley/West - (Nail Salon)

Luxury Nails

Route 8 - (Nail Salon)

Luxury Nails

North - (Nail Salon)

LV Tech – Greensburg

Westmoreland - (Computer Sales/Service)

Lynn Potts, MD

South Hills - (Family Doctor)

Lynn Reno Town & Country

Route 8 - (Real Estate Agent)

Lynsey Tapp, Howard Hanna Real Estate

Southwest - (Real Estate Agent)