Business Directory

S Spot Salon East - (Tanning Salon)
S. W. Randall Toyes & Giftes City/Northside - (Hobby/Toy/Craft Store)
Safran’s Supermarket Sewickley/West - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Safran’s Supermarket Sewickley/West - (Fish Sandwich)
Safran’s Supermarket Sewickley/West - (Family Owned Business)
Safran’s Supermarket Sewickley/West - (Deli)
Safran’s Supermarket Sewickley/West - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)
Safrans Supermarket Sewickley/West - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Saige Jen Taylor Westmoreland - (Antique Shop)
Salon Bella Mia East - (Beauty Salon)
Salon Boutique Westmoreland - (Nail Salon)
Salon Boutique Westmoreland - (Beauty Salon)
Salon Canova Southwest - (Beauty Salon)
Salon G’onna Route 30 - (Nail Salon)
Salon G’onna Route 30 - (Day Spa)
Salon Ivy South Hills - (Beauty Salon)
Salon La Te Da Southwest - (Nail Salon)
Salon Vi Vace North - (Beauty Salon)
Salon Vivace Route 8 - (Day Spa)
Salvatore’s Events & Catering South Hills - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)
Sam’s Pop & Beer Shop VND/Alle-Kiski - (Beer Distributor)
Same Day Dry Cleaners Westmoreland - (Dry Cleaner)
Samuel R Coury VND/Alle-Kiski - (Attorney)
Sandra Lynn’s School of Dance VND/Alle-Kiski - (Dance School/Studio)
Sandra Lynn’s School of Dance Westmoreland - (Dance School/Studio)
Sandra Majocha, MD VND/Alle-Kiski - (Obstetrics/Gynecologist)
Sandy Fetterman VND/Alle-Kiski - (Tax Service)
Sandy Hills Kennels North - (Pet Care/Kennel/Grooming Supplies)
Sandy Tokosh, Howard Hanna Real Estate Route 30 - (Real Estate Agent)
Sani-Products Pest Control Sewickley/West - (Pest Control)
Santorello East - (Realty Company)
Santoros Pizzeria Southwest - (Restaurant - Family)
Santoros Pizzeria Southwest - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Sarver Eye VND/Alle-Kiski - (Eyecare/Laser)
Sarver Family Practice VND/Alle-Kiski - (Family Doctor)
Save A Lot – Greensburg Westmoreland - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Save on Beer North - (Beer Distributor)
Save-More Beer & Pop Warehouse City/Northside - (Beer Distributor)
Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home South Hills - (Funeral Home)
Savvy Fox Southwest - (Resale/Consignment Store)
Saxony House VND/Alle-Kiski - (Furniture Store)
Saxony House Route 8 - (Furniture Store)
Saxony House Furniture VND/Alle-Kiski - (Furniture Store)
Schenk Family Chiropractic South Hills - (Chiropractor)
Schoolhouse Tavern Westmoreland - (Fish Sandwich)
Schramm’s Farm & Orchards Westmoreland - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Schramm’s Farm and Orchards Westmoreland - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Schultheis Brothers East - (Heating/AC)
Schurman’s Sewickley/West - (Kitchen/Cabinetry)
Sciulli’s Bar & Grille Southwest - (Fish Sandwich)
Sciullo & Goodyear Southwest - (Chiropractor)
Sciullo’s 910 Deli & Catering Route 8 - (Deli)
Scoglio Southwest - (Restaurant - Romantic)
Scoglio Southwest - (Restaurant - Italian)
Scoglio Southwest - (Restaurant - Family)
Scott and Chrisite Eyecare North - (Eyecare/Laser)
Scott Chiropractic VND/Alle-Kiski - (Chiropractor)
Scott Color Lab North - (Photographer)
Scott E. Westwood City/Northside - (Attorney)
Scott Harding, Coldwell Banker South Hills - (Real Estate Agent)
Scott Ludwick Westmoreland - (Real Estate Agent)
Scott Ludwick – Berkshire Hathaway Westmoreland - (Real Estate Agent)
Scott Portnoy, MD VND/Alle-Kiski - (Eyecare/Laser)
Scott Serbin, MD City/Northside - (Family Doctor)
Scrupples South Hills - (Nail Salon)
Scrupples South Hills - (Beauty Salon)
SeaBase Family Fun Center Westmoreland - (Family Entertainment)
SeaBase Family Fun Center Westmoreland - (Family Entertainment)
Sean’s Signature Salon & Spa Sewickley/West - (Nail Salon)
Sean’s Signature Salon & Spa Sewickley/West - (Beauty Salon)
Sears Route 8 - (Carpet Cleaning)
Sears City/Northside - (Carpet Cleaning)
Sears City/Northside - (Appliance Store (Independent))
Seasonal Nails City/Northside - (Nail Salon)
Sebring & Assoc. East - (Attorney)
Segneri’s Italian Restaurant Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Italian)
Seita Jewelers VND/Alle-Kiski - (Jewelery Store)
Select Hair Design North - (Beauty Salon)
Seneca Place East - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
Senior Care Route 30 - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
Sepic Orthodontics South Hills - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
Serafino’s Pasta & Pizza Southwest - (Restaurant - Family)
Serenity Day Spa Southwest - (Day Spa)
Service Master East - (Carpet Cleaning)
Sesame Inn North - (Take Out)
Sesame Inn Southwest - (Restaurant - Asian)
Sesame Inn North - (Ethnic Food - Other)
Sestili Nursery, Inc. City/Northside - (Garden Center/Nursery)
Seton Hill University Westmoreland - (College/University)
Seton Hill University Westmoreland - (College/University)
Settimios Clothier North - (Mens Shop)
Seven Seas Pools & Spas North - (Pools/Spas)
Sewickley BMW Sewickley/West - (Auto Dealer - USED)
Sewickley BMW Sewickley/West - (Auto Dealer - NEW)
Sewickley Chiropractic Center Sewickley/West - (Massage Therapy)
Sewickley Chiropractic Center Sewickley/West - (Chiropractor)
Sewickley Confectionery Sewickley/West - (Ice Cream)
Sewickley Dental Care Inc Sewickley/West - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
Sewickley EnPointe Sewickley/West - (Dance School/Studio)
Sewickley Heights Golf Club Sewickley/West - (Golf Course)
Sewickley Hotel Sewickley/West - (Happy Hour)
Sewickley Hotel Sewickley/West - (Hamburger (Independent))
Sewickley Hotel Sewickley/West - (Fish Sandwich)
Sewickley Martial Arts Sewickley/West - (Martial Arts)
Sewickley Porshe Audi Sewickley/West - (Auto Dealer - USED)
Sewickley Rug Cleaners Sewickley/West - (Carpet Cleaning)
Sewickley Spa Sewickley/West - (Massage Therapy)
Sewickley Spa Sewickley/West - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Sewickley Spa Sewickley/West - (Day Spa)
Sewickley Spa Sewickley/West - (Day Spa)
Sewickley Speakeasy Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Mexican)
Sewickley Sporting Goods Sewickley/West - (Mens Shop)
Sewickley Valley Hospital School of Nursing Sewickley/West - (Trade/Technical School)
Sewickley Veterinary Hospital Sewickley/West - (Veterinarian)
Sewickley YMCA Sewickley/West - (Workout Facility/Gym)
Shadows & Silhouettes Photography Sewickley/West - (Photographer)
Shady Hill Chiropractic City/Northside - (Chiropractor)
Shadyside Honda City/Northside - (Auto Dealer - NEW)
Shadyside Nail Salon City/Northside - (Nail Salon)
Shadyside Nursery City/Northside - (Garden Center/Nursery)
Shadyside Surgi-Center City/Northside - (Family Doctor)
Shafer’s Flowers & Greenhouses Sewickley/West - (Floral Shop)
Shaler Tanning Route 8 - (Tanning Salon)
Sharp Edge Sewickley Bistro Sewickley/West - (Wings/Chicken)
Sharp Edge Sewickley Bistro Sewickley/West - (Sports Bar)
Sharpe Designs North - (Nail Salon)
Shaun David Photography South Hills - (Photographer)
Shaw Precision Guns Southwest - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Shear Talent Southwest - (Beauty Salon)
Shehady’s Carpets & Rugs City/Northside - (Carpet/Flooring)
Shelton Plumbing VND/Alle-Kiski - (Plumber)
Shenanigans Westmoreland - (Wings/Chicken)
Shenanigans Westmoreland - (Sports Bar)
Shenanigans North - (Sports Bar)
Shenanigans Westmoreland - (Happy Hour)
Shenanigans North - (Happy Hour)
Shermans South Hills - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Sherry’s Salon Route 8 - (Beauty Salon)
Shiring Agency Westmoreland - (Real Estate Agent)
Shirley Funeral Home Westmoreland - (Funeral Home)
Shop ‘n Save VND/Alle-Kiski - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Shop ‘n Save Southwest - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Shop ‘n Save South Hills - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Shop ‘n Save Route 30 - (Grocery Store (Locally Owned))
Shop ‘n Save Southwest - (Deli)
Shop ‘n Save South Hills - (Deli)
Shorr Bakery North - (Bakery)
Shouf’s Café Southwest - (Ethnic Food - Other)
Shrader’s Dairy Queen Westmoreland - (Ice Cream)
Shrader’s Dairy Queen Westmoreland - (Ice Cream)
Shulligan’s Sports Bar & Grill Sewickley/West - (Sports Bar)
Shults Ford of Harmarville VND/Alle-Kiski - (Auto Dealer - USED)
Shults Ford of Harmarville VND/Alle-Kiski - (Auto Dealer - NEW)
Shultz Ford Route 8 - (Auto Dealer - USED)
Shultz Ford North - (Auto Dealer - USED)
Shultz Ford Route 8 - (Auto Dealer - NEW)
Shultz Ford North - (Auto Dealer - NEW)
Sidelines Bar & Grill Route 8 - (Wings/Chicken)
Sidelines Beer House Sewickley/West - (Wings/Chicken)
Sidelines Beer House Sewickley/West - (Sports Bar)
Sieb’s Pub North - (Steak)
Sikov & Woncheck VND/Alle-Kiski - (Attorney)
Silk Road Gourment Chinese South Hills - (Restaurant - Asian)
Silk Road Gourment Chinese South Hills - (Ethnic Food - Other)
Silky’s City/Northside - (Sports Bar)
Silky’s Crows Nest Route 8 - (Restaurant - Seafood)
Silvioni’s North - (Restaurant - Italian)
Simon Cleaners City/Northside - (Dry Cleaner)
Simons Funeral Home, Inc. North - (Funeral Home)
Simply Stunning Hair Salon Westmoreland - (Nail Salon)
Simpson Tire Service VND/Alle-Kiski - (Tire Store)
Sims Lanes Sewickley/West - (Bowling Alley)
Singer Paint & Glass Company Route 30 - (Windows)
Sir Pizza North - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Ski’s and Nick’s Lounge, Inc. Westmoreland - (Wings/Chicken)
Ski’s and Nick’s Lounge, Inc. Westmoreland - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Ski’s and Nick’s Lounge, Inc. Westmoreland - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)
Sky Nails Westmoreland - (Nail Salon)
Sky Nails Sewickley/West - (Nail Salon)
Sky Zone Southwest - (Family Entertainment)
Sky Zone Trampoline Park Sewickley/West - (Family Entertainment)
Sky Zone Trampoline Park East - (Family Entertainment)
Skyrmes Insurance Agency, Inc. South Hills - (Insurance Agency)
Skyview Pools South Hills - (Pools/Spas)
Slafka Chiropractic Clinic Route 30 - (Chiropractor)
Slavin Insurance Westmoreland - (Insurance Agency)
Slice on Broadway Southwest - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Seafood)
Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Romantic)
Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar Sewickley/West - (Restaurant - Asian)
Smallman Street Deli City/Northside - (Deli)
Smiley’s Pet Pad City/Northside - (Pet Care/Kennel/Grooming Supplies)
Smoke N’ Guns East - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Snowy White Dry Cleaners Sewickley/West - (Dry Cleaner)
So Ho Sewickley/West - (Womens Clothing/Boutique/Accessories)
Soak-N-Wet Pools & Spas South Hills - (Family Owned Business)
Sobran Jewelers VND/Alle-Kiski - (Jewelery Store)
Soergel Orchards North - (Garden Center/Nursery)
Soft Touch Car Wash VND/Alle-Kiski - (Carwash)
Sokol Cleaning VND/Alle-Kiski - (Carpet Cleaning)
Solarium Tan Southwest - (Tanning Salon)
Sons Of Insan Southwest - (Tanning Salon)
Soundwise Hearing Aid Technologies Route 30 - (Hearing Aids)
South Hills Beauty Academy Southwest - (Trade/Technical School)
South Hills Chiropractic Southwest - (Chiropractor)
South Hills Country Club South Hills - (Golf Course)
South Hills Dental Art Southwest - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
South Hills Jewelers Southwest - (Jewelery Store)
South Hills Karate Academy South Hills - (Martial Arts)
South Hills Music South Hills - (Music/Instruments Store)
South Hills Optical Southwest - (Eyecare/Laser)
South Hills Plumbing & Heating Southwest - (Plumber)
South Park Golf Course South Hills - (Golf Course)
Southside Plumbing & Heating City/Northside - (Heating/AC)
Southside Tanning City/Northside - (Tanning Salon)
Soxman Funeral Homes, Ltd. East - (Funeral Home)
Soxman Funeral Homes, Ltd. East - (Funeral Home)
Spa 309 Salon & Boutique Westmoreland - (Day Spa)
Spa Tan Westmoreland - (Tanning Salon)
Spaniel Beer Distributor VND/Alle-Kiski - (Beer Distributor)
Sparkle Cleaners & Tailoring VND/Alle-Kiski - (Dry Cleaner)
Sparkle Cleaners & Tailoring VND/Alle-Kiski - (Dry Cleaner)
Sparkle Cleaners & Tailoring East - (Dry Cleaner)
Spartan Pharmacy Southwest - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Spartan Pharmacy South Hills - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Spartan Pharmacy South Hills - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Spartan Pharmacy Southwest - (Pharmacy (Independent))
Spectrum Pest Control South Hills - (Pest Control)
Spectrum Pest Control Route 8 - (Pest Control)
Speedy Furniture East - (Furniture Store)
Speedy Furniture Center Route 8 - (Furniture Store)
Spice Affair Route 8 - (Ethnic Food - Other)
Spino Tire Westmoreland - (Tire Store)
Spino Tires Westmoreland - (Tire Store)
Spitfire Grille Westmoreland - (Hamburger (Independent))
Spitzer East - (Auto Dealer - USED)
Spoiled Chics Sewickley/West - (Womens Clothing/Boutique/Accessories)
Spoiled Girlz Mobile Spa City/Northside - (Tanning Salon)
Sport Performance VND/Alle-Kiski - (Massage Therapy)
Springfield Grille North - (Steak)
Springfield Grille North - (Restaurant - Romantic)
Springfield Grille North - (Fish Sandwich)
Square Cafe City/Northside - (Restaurant - Breakfast)
Squirrel Hill Jewelry City/Northside - (Jewelery Store)
St. Barnabas Health System City/Northside - (Home Health Care)
St. Barnabas Health System North - (Home Health Care)
St. Barnabas Health System Route 8 - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
St. Barnabas Health System North - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
St. Clair Hospital South Hills - (Hospital)
St. Clair Hospital Southwest - (Hospital)
St. Mary’s of Assumption Route 8 - (Fish Sandwich)
St. Moritz Building Services South Hills - (Carpet Cleaning)
St. Vincent College Westmoreland - (College/University)
St. Vincent DePaul Westmoreland - (Resale/Consignment Store)
Staci Stitt, DC East - (Chiropractor)
Stan Transmission Center Route 30 - (Auto Repair/Service)
Stangl’s Bakery Sewickley/West - (Bakery)
Stanley Steamer Southwest - (Carpet Cleaning)
Stanley Steamer South Hills - (Carpet Cleaning)
Stanley Steemer North - (Carpet Cleaning)
Star Nails City/Northside - (Nail Salon)
Starlite Lounge Route 8 - (Fish Sandwich)
STASH Landscaping & Excavating Route 30 - (Landscaper)
State Farm Insurance North - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm Insurance North - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm Insurance Route 8 - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm Insurance Sewickley/West - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm Insurance South Hills - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm Insurance Southwest - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm/Brian Winfield Westmoreland - (Insurance Agency)
State Farm/John Gdula Westmoreland - (Insurance Agency)
States Tire & wheel Route 30 - (Tire Store)
Station Brake Café Route 30 - (Fish Sandwich)
SteamMasters Route 8 - (Carpet Cleaning)
SteamMasters North - (Carpet Cleaning)
Steel Cactus City/Northside - (Restaurant - Mexican)
Steel City Chiropractic South Hills - (Chiropractor)
Steel City Flooring Sewickley/West - (Carpet/Flooring)
Steel City Guns Route 30 - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Steel City Landscape Inc. City/Northside - (Landscaper)
Steel City Martial Southwest - (Martial Arts)
Steel City Steakhouse Westmoreland - (Steak)
Steel City Steakhouse East - (Steak)
Steel Dragon Kung Fu & Lion Dance City/Northside - (Martial Arts)
Steel Valley Chiropractic South Hills - (Chiropractor)
Steel Valley Express Care South Hills - (Urgent Care)
Steele City Auto Sales & Service Route 30 - (Auto Repair/Service)
Steeltown Firearms & Supplies, Inc. City/Northside - (Gun Shop/Firearms Accessories)
Steff’s Auto Center North - (Auto Repair/Service)
Steidl & Steinberg City/Northside - (Attorney)
Steidl & Steinberg City/Northside - (Attorney)
Steinberger Flooring Southwest - (Carpet/Flooring)
Stemples Music Westmoreland - (Music/Instruments Store)
Stephen M. Brady Funeral Home City/Northside - (Funeral Home)
Stitt Chiropractic East - (Massage Therapy)
Stocklein’s Bakery East - (Family Owned Business)
Stockmano’s East - (Pizza Shop (Independent))
Stoecklein’s Bake Shop East - (Bakery)
Stonewater Salon & Spa South Hills - (Massage Therapy)
Stonewater Salon & Spa South Hills - (Day Spa)
Stout’s Discount Carpet Westmoreland - (Carpet/Flooring)
Strabucks Sewickley/West - (Coffee)
Straka and McQuone, Inc./Sewickley Hearing Aids Sewickley/West - (Hearing Aids)
Stratwood Catering Route 30 - (Caterer/Banquet Facility)
Strong II City/Northside - (Dry Cleaner)
Studio 10 Southwest - (Nail Salon)
Studio 6 South Hills - (Day Spa)
Studio D Route 30 - (Beauty Salon)
Studio G South Hills - (Massage Therapy)
Studio G Dance Center Route 30 - (Dance School/Studio)
Studio RAW North - (Nail Salon)
Studio RAW Route 8 - (Beauty Salon)
Studio RAW North - (Beauty Salon)
Sturm Plumbing Westmoreland - (Plumber)
Style Exchange Boutique South Hills - (Resale/Consignment Store)
Style-Rite Kitchens VND/Alle-Kiski - (Kitchen/Cabinetry)
Style-Rite Kitchens North - (Kitchen/Cabinetry)
Styles by Santone Route 30 - (Laser/Cosmetic Skin Care)
Styles Cleaners & Tailors Westmoreland - (Dry Cleaner)
Suburban Landscape & Floral Shoppe Sewickley/West - (Garden Center/Nursery)
Subway Westmoreland - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Subway Westmoreland - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Subway North - (Hoagie/Sub/Sandwich)
Sudsy’s Max Care & Bee Clean Westmoreland - (Carpet Cleaning)
Sugar n Spice South Hills - (Ice Cream)
Sugar Spa North - (Nail Salon)
Sullivan Dental Center Route 8 - (Dentist / Orthodontist)
Summer’s City/Northside - (Tanning Salon)
Summer’s City/Northside - (Tanning Salon)
Sun Spa Tan Westmoreland - (Tanning Salon)
Sun Spa Tan Westmoreland - (Day Spa)
Sun Your Bunz Route 30 - (Tanning Salon)
Sun-Tastic Tanning Studio, Inc. Route 8 - (Tanning Salon)
Suncrest Golf & Grille Route 8 - (Golf Course)
Suncrest Golf & Grille North - (Golf Course)
Sunkissed Tanning VND/Alle-Kiski - (Tanning Salon)
Sunny Daze Tanning Southwest - (Tanning Salon)
Sunrise of McCandless North - (Assisted Living/Nursing Home)
Sunsational Tanning North - (Tanning Salon)
Sunsational Tanning Salon Route 30 - (Tanning Salon)
Sunscape Tanning Salon North - (Tanning Salon)
Sunset Pizza & Grille Southwest - (Family Owned Business)
Sunspot Tanning Sewickley/West - (Tanning Salon)
Suntan Seekers Westmoreland - (Tanning Salon)
Suntan Shack South Hills - (Tanning Salon)
Super Duper Carpet Cleaning Southwest - (Carpet Cleaning)
Super Nails East - (Nail Salon)
Super Quality Dry Cleaners Route 30 - (Dry Cleaner)
Supercuts Southwest - (Beauty Salon)
Supercuts Route 8 - (Beauty Salon)
Supercuts North - (Beauty Salon)
Superior Home Care Route 30 - (Home Health Care)
Superior Windows East - (Windows)
Superior Windows East - (Family Owned Business)
Supreme Cleaners Southwest - (Dry Cleaner)
Susan Fair, MD North - (Obstetrics/Gynecologist)
Swift Audiology North - (Hearing Aids)
Swift Audiology City/Northside - (Hearing Aids)
Swimming Pool Discounters Route 8 - (Pools/Spas)
Symanski Landscaping North - (Landscaper)
Synergy Salon & Spa Westmoreland - (Nail Salon)
Synergy Salon and Day Spa Westmoreland - (Massage Therapy)
Synergy Salon and Day Spa Westmoreland - (Day Spa)